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TLDR - Here are them mooddds

Ello Watchers! Long time no.. anything, really. :lol: Hope everyone's doing great.

I miss my time on dA so much when I used to upload things to my gallery and spend time on the chats ( plus being a senior mod and what not) but none of them compare to how much I miss my old friends! I always find myself thinking about them from time to time and reminiscing about all the times we got together online and had fun plus I enjoyed being in a team (and leading it :ninja:). But I hope you guys aren't mad that I left, dA is just not a part of me anymore, not dA but all artwork in general. It's hectic being an adult, who would have thought? :lmao: Since I started focusing more and more on my studies, my goals in life and my future, I kind of became less and less into making deviations.

Okay, enough of being a downer! I wanna take time to thank all my watchers, both old and new, who have been continuously supporting me, watching me and liking & viewing my work. I'm astounded to see that you guys are still showing your love for my work and that it still has a shred of likability despite me being an inactive dumbass. I'm truly blessed and seeing that puts a smile on my face. :aww:

That's enough, can I talk about me now? (:lol: Kidding!) But for those who're interested anyway, I just completed my 2nd year in University studying (wait for it..) STATISTICS! :lmao: Can't help it, I love the subject and I'm grateful that I'm still enjoying it unlike most peeps in my department. Besides that I recently started doing a part time gig as a Teacher's Assistant, I need to check a TON of copies sometimes but it pays well. :dummy:

(I'm really nailing this journal writing today, I used to have such a hard time writing ANYTHING.)

Now, on to the reason that actually gave me the idea of writing a journal entry. I know most of the XNA community are in dA now and occasionally some people still look for the mods that I made eons ago (although I have no idea why --). I wanted to let you guys know that I DO have a lot of my old mods and I uploaded them in a secret OneDrive account which you'll have to figure out by solving a Tomb Raider themed puzzle.

Kidding, they're here -

That's all, I think! I suddenly visited the chats and completely lost track of what I was gonna write next. Sweating a little... Happy Living!

  • Listening to: Space Oddity - David Bowie
  • Reading: Do people still read books though?
  • Watching: 2 Broke Girls (YASS)
  • Playing: Dota 2



I'm not good about writing about myself so here's a few things I like with the help of some..


ParksnRec: Lesley Knope by alex-heberlingParks and Recreation Stamp by alex-heberlingParksnRec: Andy x April Stamp by alex-heberling
Lady Gaga Stamp by Agony-WhispersPaparazzi Stamp -2- by BGSFMGaga stamp 2 by paridox
Gaga Stamp by paridoxLady Gaga Paparazzi Stamp 2 by MegaPaperGirlPaparazzi by XLove-Christina-AX
Tomb Raider Legend by BlackRayserTomb Raider : Underworld Stamp by BaB-Janei love tomb raider games by lucianag
Samurai Warriors Stamp by Hemuvel2 Broke Girls stamp by 5-3-10-4Life Is Strange stamp by foxlett
Jill Valentine - Stamp by Miss--ValentineLeon - Stamp by Miss--ValentineRE6 Mercs Costume Stamp Chris by mizukimarie
Resident Evil 4 Stamp by darkdisciple-stampsResident Evil 5 Stamp by badtraneResident Evil 6 Stamp by Cuddlepug
K-ON Stamp by KishiFishymugi stamp by crazysistahsK-On stamp 1 by YuiHoshi
K-On stamp by IxengrinK-on! Stamp by MayMugiLeeK-On! Stamp by LaytonsAssistant18
Mio and Mayu by phoenixtsukinoFatal Frame by IceVallejoMiku Hinasaki - Demon Tag by phoenixtsukino
Stamp_Snake by SilverMonkimetal gear stamp by laloxMGS: Big Boss Stamp by MrOrbital
Daniella stamp by ArashiAiD E M E N T O - Stamp by ES-DinahxX:HEWIE.Stamp by xX-x-Rai-x-Xx

Groups I'm in:

:iconmusoubasarawarriors: :iconwallpaper-zone: :iconsamuraiwarriors-fc:

:icononly-wallpapers: :icondynastywarriorsfc: :iconwesker-s-v-i-p-s:

:icontombraiders: :iconcolor-me-club: :iconart-of-tombraider:

:icontomb-raider-groupies: :icontomb-raider-series: :icontomb-raider-empire:

:iconxnalaracustomizedart: :iconwallpapers-4-all: :iconmugi-fans:

:iconk-onfans: :iconkeionbuu: :iconk-onlovers:

:icondigital-art-club: :icondigital-artists: :icondigitallycreated:

:icontombraidershockers: :iconthe-tard-army: :iconthe-charmed-ones:



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